Automatic PC Backups using the Internet:

Who is watching out for your data?

Our automated Backup service provides security in knowing that your files are stored elsewhere for immediate access in case of hardware problems, catastrophe or accidental deletion.
We have a variety of backup plans for you to choose from that can meet almost any requirements you may have.

What you need to know about Automatic PC Backups:
1) Automatic
Set it and Forget it. Once it is setup you don't have to do anything, it runs automatically according to your schedule.
2) Efficient
Only changes since the last backup are sent. This minimizes the amount of time it takes to backup your PC.
3) Secure
All data is encrypted during transmission.
4) Cost Effective.
We are a price and technology leader.
5) Flexible
Backup often, or as infrequently as you deem necessary, backup your entire hard drive or only sensitive/critical information.

What you need to know about us:
1) State of the Art Professional Facilities
Carefully Designed with redundancy, security, control, and monitoring in place.
2) An Experienced Team of Professionals
Our managment and technical teams have over 50 years of experience with technology.
3) Dependable and Reliable
Our systems are designed for 7day/24hour operations.
4) Cost Effective.
We are focused on delivering the highest quality products for the price.
5) Flexible Plans.
From Small to Large...Simple to Complex Sites, we have a plan that matches your needs.

Here is how it works:
We load software on your pc that is scheduled to automatically copy your files across the internet to our servers. Once it is setup you don't have to do anything, everything happens automatically. The transmission uses secure encryption technology to ensure your data is safe as it crosses the internet.
We also supply and load secure FTP software to allow you to retrieve your backup copies from the server anytime you need them.

Automatic PC Backups Diagram

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